Seafood Authenticity Testing

Globalization of the food supply and the growing complexity of the supply chain have made it increasingly difficult to trace the origin of seafood.  Testing to verify the species of seafood helps producers and suppliers maintain consumer confidence in their products by providing evidence for accurate labeling. 
DNA testing for fish species identification will become increasingly necessary as concern for public safety heightens the demand for verified seafood product. To meet the demand for authenticated fish and seafood products, Genetic ID includes seafood testing as part of their Food Authenticity Program.
In addition to DNA testing, the Food Authenticity Program’s customized approach offers brand protection through risk management. The risk of seafood mislabeling is mitigated by a process that begins with a thorough examination of product portfolio vulnerabilities and identification of relevant threats to the food chain. The client is guided through an individualized consultation program to proactively reduce the likelihood of a mislabeling occurrence.



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