Food Authenticity Program
For Consumer Confidence and Brand Protection

Integrity in the food supply has become a critical issue across all segments of the global supply chain. The discovery of food fraud in brands can lead to costly product recalls and even litigation. Ultimately, consumers rely on retailers to ensure the authenticity of the food they sell. 

Globalization of the food supply has resulted in: 

  • Longer and more complex supply chains
  • Increased percentage of seafood, produce, and ingredients sourced from overseas
  • Increased dependence on foreign regulatory oversight for product authenticity

Genetic ID, with 19 years of experience in food testing and certification, offers a comprehensive, customized Food Authenticity Program targeting all relevant segments of the food chain in a cost-effective manner.

This situation, combined with tighter economic conditions, has provided an incentive for unscrupulous operators to defraud the system by passing off inferior product as premium merchandise.

  Frequently Targeted Products

•    Catfish and other species labeled as premium red snapper, grouper, or swordfish
•    Farmed salmon labeled as wild salmon
•    Conventional produce labeled as organic
•    Juice adulterated with sugars or water
•    Extra virgin olive oil adulterated with lower grade oils

  Full Range of Cutting-edge Testing Services

  • Adulteration testing
  • GMO testing
  • Allergen testing
  • Halal verification
  • Natural vs. synthetic ingredient verification
  • Plant and animal species identification
  • Determination of the geographic origin of foods
  • Organic verification

Each product is unique and thus receives a tailored testing program. At Genetic ID, we will work with you to identify the most optimal, and cost-effective testing program to meet your needs and protect the integrity of your brand.

  Risk Management Program

Our Risk Management Program will help you:

  • Identify product portfolio vulnerabilities
  • Develop a program to address food fraud threats
  • Incorporate food safety and import alerts
  • Enhance detection and traceability
  • Set up a surveillance program for ongoing monitoring

  International Network of Laboratories

The Global ID international network of laboratories uses state-of-the-art technologies to provide the following testing capabilities:

  • Fish species identification 
  • Adulteration of: 
    • Honey with sugar
    • Fruit juice with added sugar or water
    • Extra virgin olive oil with other oils
    • Sheep/goat milk-derived cheese with cow's milk
  • Organic vs. conventional produce, milk, cheese 
  • Geographic origin of produce 


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