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Continued growth depends on rapid innovation and commercialization. Our R&D department has been at the forefront of genetic testing technology for over 15 years. 

Several contract services are provided including high-throughput sample DNA extraction, assay development, and assay validation. 

Fast ID DNA Extraction Kits

The Fast ID genomic DNA extraction kit, using state of the art technology, provides a streamlined and cost-effective process that yields exceptionally pure DNA from a wide variety of simple and complex samples such as:
•    Seeds
•    Plant tissue
•    Animal tissue
•    Clinical specimens (blood, sputum, sperm, and feces)
•    Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue
•    Microbes
•    Processed food
•    Herbarium- formaldehyde treated specimens

Using proprietary reagent formulas, Fast ID results in significantly higher quality DNA in less time, compared to other leading brands. This was recently confirmed by a study  funded by the USDA. The Fast ID extraction kit was the only DNA extraction method among those tested which generated easy-to-amplify DNA irrespective of tissue source.




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