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Mission Statement

Genetic ID provides world-class laboratory testing and consulting services that empower food, feed, and agricultural companies to succeed in a complex ever-changing global market.

Industry Leadership

Beginning in 1996, Genetic ID established the milestones, industry standards and guiding principles of a new field of scientific food testing and expedited regulatory compliance. Since then, no organization has gained more experience in DNA-based testing technologies, import/export procedures consulting, cooperation with government agencies, and advancing the field of rigorous DNA testing technologies.

Confidentiality, Security, Integrity 

Confidentiality, professionalism and trust are at the foundation of Genetic ID’s operating philosophy, built into every business practice and company policy, including assurance of the strictest confidentiality and security safeguards in the industry. 

Consistency in Results, Anywhere in the World

Genetic ID has set the world standard for delivering consistent, accurate testing results. Wherever our clients’ products travel, a nearby Genetic ID lab can offer services using our standard, rigorous protocols. 

Assured Security and Confidentiality

At Genetic ID, we understand that confidentiality is the cornerstone of professional protocol. That’s why it’s our strict policy to release test results only to the same contact person in the company who ordered a particular test and to no one else. Only if we receive specific written instructions to the contrary will we release results to an alternate contact.




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