Why choose Genetic ID Testing Services?

Genetic ID is in contact on a daily basis with the major stakeholders in the food system. From this vantage point, we understand regulatory developments, market trends, and technological advances intimately. 

Genetic ID is well-known and trusted by industry and government regulatory agencies around the world as a provider of scientifically reliable testing of food products.

Experience and expertise in methods and procedures allows us to streamline processes, minimizing delays and expediting food exports and imports.

By fostering connections between sellers and buyers and supporting alliances among strategic partners at each stage of the production process, Genetic ID effectively supports essential services to a global network of business partners.

Advantages of using Genetic ID's Testing Service


Provides a full range of food safety and integrity tests to suit your needs


Tests a wide range of samples including multi-ingredient, processed products


Protects against false positive and false negative results


Selects the most efficient, cost effective approach


Offers expedited turn-around-time options


Connects to a global network of laboratories for standardized testing methods and consistent results


A dedicated team of technical and regulatory specialists follow your sample from start to finish



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