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Since 1996, Genetic ID’s GMO testing methods have been recognized worldwide for their rigor, sensitivity and reliability, while producing consistently accurate results. We are the most experienced GMO testing lab in the world.

Genetic ID uses the state-of-the-art polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method, which allows direct analysis of the DNA and can detect GM content to 0.01%.

Advantages to Using Genetic ID’s
GMO Testing Service:

Detects all GMOS: corn, soy, cotton, canola,
alfalfa, flax, papaya, potato, rice, squash, sugar beet, tobacco 
Tests for multi-ingredient, processed products  Protects against false positive and false negative
Validates non-GMO claims  Delivers confidential test results with fast turnaround  Provides a full range of GMO tests and customized
tests to meet your needs 
Offers competitive pricingSupports our customers with personalized
customer service 
Guarantees accredited testing methods
according to ISO 17025 
Connects to a global network of laboratories for
standardization of testing methods and consistent results 

Additional Services Provided by Genetic ID

Animal Feed and Meat Speciation 

Food Authenticity Program 

Fast ID DNA Extraction Kits 

Non-GMO Certification Services via CERT ID 

A2LA ISO17025 Accreditation

Accredited to
ISO/IEC 17025

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