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Genetic ID NA, Inc.’s Global Laboratory Alliance® establishes uniform standards of excellence in GMO testing worldwide. With expert labs strategically located around the world, the Alliance is a powerful force serving the food industry with accurate, reliable GMO testing. Please contact gla@genetic-id.com for additional information. 

What is the Global Laboratory Alliance?

The Global Laboratory Alliance® (GLA) is a network of laboratories throughout the world that makes use of Genetic ID’s validated and standardized GMO testing technology.

Both private and governmental laboratories are members of the Global Laboratory Alliance.
  • The governmental laboratories use Genetic ID GMO testing technology in their surveillance, regulatory and other official functions.
  • The independent, private laboratories provide GMO testing services to the food and agricultural industries.

The GLA is based on Genetic ID GMO testing technology

Both for government and private labs, the rigorously validated, highly standardized, and reliable testing methods that Genetic ID has developed provide a firm foundation from which they can meet the needs for GMO testing in the public and private sectors around the world.

The methods provided to GLA laboratories are the result of extensive, in-depth research in the Genetic ID research laboratories and are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025, the international standard for laboratory accreditation. 

ISO/IEC 17025 is an internationally recognized standard that provides rigorous guidelines that define the quality management procedures of a laboratory. As such, these methods make it possible for new GLA members to gain accredited status quickly for their GMO testing services. Accredited status ensures that testing will have a high level of legal defensibility and industry credibility and respect.

Utility of the GLA to the Global Food and Agricultural Industries

The Global Laboratory Alliance is of particular utility to those members of the food and agricultural industries that operate globally, because the GLA makes conveniently available in virtually every market around the world a uniform and standardized system of GMO testing. Thus, global participants in the agri-food industry can be confident that, wherever testing is needed, GMO assessment of their products will be consistent, reliable, and based on the highest standards of science.

In addition, the testing protocols used by Global Laboratory Alliance laboratories are designed to comply with regulatory requirements around the world, and are backed up by Genetic ID’s broad knowledge of regulatory developments related to GMOs. Through the Global Laboratory Alliance, Genetic ID can help its clients address regulatory issues wherever they operate.

Laboratories around the world are invited to join the Global Laboratory Alliance

For both governmental and private laboratories, adopting Genetic ID’s comprehensive package of GMO testing technology can be a highly efficient, convenient, rapid and cost-effective approach to gaining GMO testing capacity.

In expanding the Global Laboratory Alliance to its current extent, Genetic ID has gained extensive experience in the transfer of GMO testing technology and in the training of scientific and technical staff in the use of this technology. We are prepared to undertake the transfer of this technology to laboratories anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Global Laboratory Alliance membership

  • Rapid acquisition of GMO testing capacity
    • Accelerate entry into the GMO testing field.
    • Save tremendously by avoiding the R&D costs related to developing and keeping a GMO testing system up to date.
    • For regulatory laboratories, this makes it possible to quickly meet requirements for GMO surveillance related to national laws or international accords, such as the Cartagena Protocol.
    • For commercial laboratories, this makes it possible to rapidly enter the GMO testing field.
  • Full-service testing services
    • The GLA testing technology package is capable of detecting and quantifying
      • all commercialized GMOs,
      • GMOs in a wide range of crops, food ingredients, and complex finished food products.
      • Animal species in food and feed products
    • Many testing options: quantitative, semi-quantitative, and qualitative tests
    • Varietal IDSM methods detect and quantify all transgenic events, both approved and unapproved.
  • Specifics of the technology transfer package
    • Includes complete training of scientific and technical staff, in your lab or at Genetic ID.
    • Methods are standardized, validated and accredited to ISO 17025, the international standard for laboratory accreditation
    • Standardized operating procedures are provided for every step:
      • Sample processing and DNA extraction
      • PCR analysis
      • Data analysis
    • All critical reagents are provided.
    • Primer sets are available for every commercialized GMO.
    • Other key PCR reagents are provided as needed.
    • Multiple Fast IDSM DNA extraction systems are provided that are customized for different food and agricultural matrices.
    • Validated reference materials are provided for all commercialized GMOs.
  • Ongoing technical support
    • Available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week to help you;
      • Deal with analytical challenges
      • Interpret and evaluate data
    • Provide key reagents and standard reference materials on an ongoing basis
    • Thorough quality control on reagent preparation
    • Performance of each batch of reagents is verified at Genetic ID before it is shipped to the GLA member-lab.
  • Technology development and upgrades
    • Genetic ID conducts ongoing research and development to create new testing methods and to upgrade existing methods as market and regulatory conditions change.
    • Genetic ID continually provides to all GLA members the following on a timely basis:
      • Tests for newly commercialized GMOs;
      • Innovations and improvements in DNA extraction, PCR, and other procedures.
    • Alliance members who develop analytical or other technologies can use the GLA as a network for quickly marketing their technologies world-wide.
  • Cooperative marketing
    • Genetic ID’s global recognition helps sell the services that GLA members offer.
    • Global marketing by Genetic ID contributes to the success of individual Alliance Labs.
    • Genetic ID is prepared to cooperate with GLA members to undertake promotional marketing efforts focused on specific countries or regions of the world.
 Please contact gla@genetic-id.com for additional information. 

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