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The realities of food import and export have required that food producers adapt to numerous regulatory environments. The complexities of different regulations associated with GMOs can put product shipments at risk of rejection or recall, a very expensive proposition for any food supplier.

Seasoned Business Acumen

Genetic ID has distinguished itself in demonstrating a consistently conscientious and vigilant involvement in the global requirements of these regulations. As a result, Genetic ID offers a unique capability to serve the customers' individual requirements — from the production plants through final product destination and beyond. Genetic ID has developed these capabilities through constant practical partnership with its customers and concern for its customers’ abilities to continue business growth uninterrupted, since 1996. Genetic ID has played a significant role for its customers behind the scenes in providing technical skill and seasoned business acumen. Providing worldwide services combined with local customer support, Genetic ID has developed its operations focused on the customer’s individual situation:
  • Custom-designed testing and certification programs to fit specific customer concerns
  • Expertise in meeting import-export regulations in each country
  • Connection of buyers and sellers of non-GMO products
  • Defensibility through highly rigorous, accredited testing technology and scientific documentation of quality assurance confidence through certification programs
  • Problem resolution to protect customer's products, brands and investments
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