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Commitment to Quality

Genetic ID actively participates in various national and international ring trials and other performance assessment programs to validate the accuracy and reliability of its testing methods and systems in comparison with other laboratories around the world. The exceptional qualities of these PCR-based methods have likewise been verified in dozens of peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals.

Genetic ID’s Methods Maximize Accuracy and Reproducibility

Genetic ID employs a variety of measures to maximize sensitivity, reliability, accuracy, precision, and ensure that all commercialized GMOs will be detected.
These measures include:
  • Use of statistically valid sample sizes to assure minimum risk of error (pioneered the use of the largest sample sizes in the industry)
  • Use of proprietary DNA extraction system that eliminates DNA degradation and interference by PCR inhibitors, and maximizes yield
  • Run tests in duplicate from beginning to end to guard against operator or equipment error
  • Reliance on both internal and external standards for accurate quantitative analysis
  • Optimize the PCR process to detect as little as one molecule of genetically modified DNA, and operating to a limit of detection of 0.01%
  • Use of real-time PCR to precisely quantify GMOs over a wide range of concentrations
  • Ability to specifically identify all commercialized transgenic corn, soy, potato, and canola varieties, including those not approved in Europe and Asia.
Shared throughout Genetic ID's Global Laboratory Alliance, this authoritative proprietary methodology has established a consistent, uniform, world standard of excellence and reliability in scientific GMO and DNA testing around the globe.

Genetic ID’s PCR tests operate to the lowest practical limits of detection (0.01%) and quantification (0.05%). Consequently you can be confident that product tested by Genetic ID will meet the specifications of your buyer.

Customer Service

Please call us at 1.877-366-0790 (Toll Free USA/Canada), or +1.641.472.9979. Our email address is info@genetic-id.com.

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