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Confidentiality, Security, Integrity
Uniting Trust with Technology
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Confidentiality, Security, Integrity

Trust is the foundation of Genetic ID, built into every company policy and business practice, including the strictest confidentiality and security safeguards in the industry.
  • Confidentiality is the cornerstone of our business. All information provided by customers is held in the strictest confidence and not shared with any outside parties. This information is used only in conducting business between the customer and Genetic ID. Test results are shared only between one designated person at Genetic ID and one designated person at the company that ordered the test. This policy applies to both test findings and the names of all customers, with exceptions only upon the customer’s written authorization.
  • Security Genetic ID’s electronic security and traceability systems are configured to the highest standards of the IT industry. Coupled with strictly enforced standardized procedures for handling samples and data, this system protects customers’ analytical results and identities and also ensures impartiality. Laboratory personnel never know which samples belong to which customers.
  • Integrity is a commitment to rigorous science, honest counsel, and full customer support, especially when a company’s products or test results may be challenged. Genetic ID stands ready with expert help.
On both sides of the table, Genetic ID is respected and trusted. Testing customers, government officials, and agencies around the world recognize Genetic ID for its expertise and its rock-solid integrity. Third-party certification arranged through Genetic ID is an internationally accepted mark of quality assurance and regulatory compliance. Genetic ID’s confidentiality, security, and integrity are accepted by all as a basic framework for conducting business.

Consistent Results Anywhere in the World

Genetic ID has set the world standard for delivering consistent, accurate results. Anywhere the product goes, there is a Genetic ID lab nearby using the same rigorous protocols.

Security and Confidentiality

Genetic ID regards confidentiality as the cornerstone of professional protocol. It is our strict policy to release test results only to the contact person of the company that has ordered a particular test and to no one else. Only when we have received specific written instructions will we do so.

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